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Enhance your vitality and overall health with Ginseng Sea Buckthorn Peptide. Regulate blood sugar levels, strengthen your immune system, combat fatigue, and more.

Ginseng Peptide has been used for decades as a traditional remedy for:




The effect of peptides on cells give cell viability through:

Inhibit cell degeneration, balance the body’s immunity.


Repair damaged cells and maintain normal cell structure and function.


Promote and maintain the normal metabolism of cells.


Activate the activity of cells and effectively remove free radicals that are very harmful to the body.

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We are the exclusive agent of ginseng peptide and ginseng seabuckthorn peptide in Southeast Asia authorized by Sinopharm Peptide Valley Group. Creative, human health-oriented small molecule peptides are the future trend company.

Committed to providing a new type of therapy for the human body through ginseng sea buckthorn peptide-cell nutrition therapy.

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After purchasing and using the product I have noticed that my skin feels smoother and glowing.

Faith Young

My mood has improved after consuming the product. Which I haven’t seen my mood this good in years.

Kristin Silva

My immunity has improved, have not fallen sick easily after using their product. Highly recommended!

Chee Seng

After taking the product for a while now, I have noticed that my digestion and immunity has improved.

Ashley Tan


Patented and the Only SC Production License

“Ginseng oligopeptides protect against irradiation-induced immune dysfunction”.

– Harvard Medical School