| What is Peptide?

(Pronunciation: tài)

A peptide is a class of substances between amino acids and proteins, and is an important component of protein. All active substances in the human body exist in the form of peptides.

(Pronunciation: tài)

| Importance of Peptides

2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to three scientists for their Discovery of DNA repair mechanisms in peptide.

Tomas Lindahl

American Scientist

Bioengineering in the 21st century is the study of genetic engineering and protein engineering, the study of proteins, in a sense, the study of peptides.

Dr. Zhu Diwen

Chinese-American scientist

Biologically active peptides have extremely strong activity and diversity, higher than any nutrition and medicine.

Nicholas Perricone

American celebrity doctor

Small molecule active peptide therapy will increase human life span by at least 20 years.

Dr. Kratz

American Biologist

| Health Benefits

Slowed cell failure rate

Eradication of stubborn diseases

Heightened Immunity

Slowed Aging

Metabolic Maintenance

Energy Boosting

| Effects

 Anti-fatigue, improve sleep

 Antioxidant, beauty

 Enhance immunity

 Regulate blood pressure, blood lipid and blood sugar

 Metabolic Maintenance

 Energy Boosting

Ginseng Peptide

Rapidly repairs cells

Enhance youth

Strengthen vitality

Enhances immunity

Improve life

Ginseng Buckthorn Peptide

Ginseng Sea Buckthorn Peptide

When ginseng meets sea buckthorn, ginseng sea buckthorn peptide awaken the body’s self-healing power. “Guben Peiyuan”, is an ancient Chinese medical thought. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that medicine and food are of the same origin, so through methods such as traditional Chinese medicine, diet nutrition, exercise, etc., the body can transform food into the vitality of the body through ingestion, digestion, and absorption. If the vitality is strong, the healthy atmosphere is strong, which can consolidate the self-healing power of the body. Ginseng and sea buckthorn are both medicinal and edible plants. The combination of the two can help the body to awaken a powerful self-healing power.