Ginseng Sea Buckthorn Peptide


4g x 16 sachets per box

Ginseng Seabuckthorn Peptide – it is suitable for vegetarians. The king of ginseng and herbs greatly replenishes vitality, mainly replenishes the five internal organs, and promotes longevity. Seabuckthorn is an ancient plant with tenacious vitality. It is a treasure trove of vitamins, and SOD activity is super strong. It is a “golden” food for the cells so that every cell has unlimited vitality, youth and health with you every day.

The molecular weight of ginseng peptides is 180 – 1000 Daltons, which are easily absorbed by human cells

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Seabuckthorn fruit & its benefits

  • spherical orange-yellow small berry
  • rich in vitamins, fatty acids, trace elements, amino acids, minerals, various antioxidants and seabuckthorn flavonoids
  • deep processing can better promote nutrition absorption
  • improve the body's self-healing ability
  • replenish "energy" for the body.

Ginseng & its benefits

  • "medicine and food homologous" plant
  • sweet and non-toxic
  • listed as top grade in "Shen Nong's Materia Medica"
  • a commonly used tonic in clinical practice
  • recognized in various fields


  • extracts the essence of human participation hippophae rhamnoides
  • variety of nutritional ingredients and biological active ingredients through patent technology
  • awaken the body's self-healing power
  • supplement the peptide

Ps: The above content related to ginseng, sea buckthorn and sea buckthorn peptides are all from the Internet. Ginseng sea buckthorn peptides are food and cannot replace medicines. Consumers should be aware of this.